_–Chad Love
Hungry Canuck bear breaks into pizza parlor. Gustatory chaos ensues. Do I even need to set this one up?

From this story in the Edmonton Journal:

Conservation officers are on the hunt for a black bear that broke into a Whistler, B.C., pizza parlour Monday and polished off a pie. The incident began shortly after 6 p.m. when the large black bear began pawing at a garbage can outside of Fat Tony’s, a popular destination for the ski village’s post-party crowd. Two female employees were working at the time, said employee Colin Mont. As one went to close the door, the bear entered the establishment. “The bear stood up over the counter and grabbed a pizza off the display and started eating it,” Mont said.

“The girls stood back and let him do what he needed to do.” Footage posted to YouTube the same day shows the bruin licking its lips feverishly while gobbling down the pizza. A crowd can be heard laughing and commenting. “You better give a good tip, bud,” one person can be heard saying. “He’s so good at getting it,” remarked another as the bear reached for another slice. The pizza is believed to have been beef and blue cheese, Mont said. The staff eventually made noise and scared the bear away.

So what’s the most unbelievable part of that story? That there’s such a thing as “beef and blue cheese” pizza and that the bear would actually choose to eat it…