A while back I blogged about the terrifying turkeys of Staten Island, New York. At the time I though it was a problem confined mainly to the boroughs of the greater New York City area, but apparently the phenomenon – much like zombie hordes – has gone national.

From this story on

A California producer had a terrifying encounter recently when she was chased down by an overly-aggressive wild turkey . The reporter went to a residential area in Sacramento in an attempt to follow up on a story of joggers reportedly being chased down by the bird. And while her cameras were rolling, the producer captured the turkey getting a little too close for her comfort.

The producer can be heard frantically screaming in terror as the turkey chases her down the street. While a USPS truck nearly saved the day, the producer finally had to jump into her car to escape the aggressive fowl. The turkey then followed up by staring at her and circling the car.

I’m speaking from personal experience here; do not drink coffee while watching this video…