A Canadian moose hunter is out of the hospital after fending off (and ultimately killing) a charging black bear.

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_A Kenora area hunter is lucky to be alive after fighting off a bear attack, Sept. 26. The 48-year-old man was treated for puncture wounds to his arm, shoulder and neck at Lake of the Woods district hospital and released later the same afternoon. The bear was mortally wounded during the encounter and did not survive. A Ministry of Natural Resources official credits the man for taking action to save his life.

“It was a dangerous situation,” affirmed MNR Lake of the Woods supervisor Leo Heyens. “He did all the right things. If he hadn’t fired an arrow or fought back, yelling and making himself look big, it could have been more serious.”_

The hunter is a close friend of Paul Batiuk of Batiuk Guiding and Outfitting. Batiuk explained the man was archery hunting for moose alone while he and son Kyle guided another group of six hunters. The identity of the individual has not been released at his request. “He just wants to get back to work and normal life,” Batiuk related. “The experience has changed him you can tell, he will hunt again but says he will never hunt alone.”

Question of the day: would you continue to hunt alone after surviving a bear attack?

Photo by: Paul Batiuk