A couple years ago I wrote a blog post wherein I opined (from an admittedly uninformed position) that moose were not the sharpest ungulate in the woods. I believe I wrote “There are some game animals I just can’t warm up to. The moose is one of them. They’re ugly, ungainly, ungraceful, short-tempered and much, much larger than they need to be. But I’m from Oklahoma, where the moose are animated and foil crime with their rodent pals”

The moose-lovers among you were (rightly) quick to point out that I was being unfair to our largest and least-attractive member of the deer family, that in fact moose were quite the opposite of ungainly, they were actually quite graceful and delicate for their immense size, regular ballerinas of the muskeg, they were, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Uh, you mean graceful like this?

A moose that found its way into a New Hampshire home’s swimming pool needed the help of nine people to get back on dry land, WMUR-TV reported. The moose fell through the cover of George Trapotsis’ pool at Manchester, N.H., home shortly after 10:00pm ET Friday. Police, firefighters and officials from local fish and game agencies responded to the scene and found the moose unable to get out of the water. “I didn’t get trained on how to do this, that’s for sure,” Jack Pushee of New Hampshire Fish and Game told WMUR. “There’s a first for everything.” The nine men attached a rope to the moose and pulled it from the water. They said the moose was agitated during their rescue effort, but appeared to be uninjured as it ran back into the woods.

Not to mention the fact that they can’t even hold their liquor.

Now I know I’ll probably get slammed again for saying it, but until I get the opportunity to go on a moose hunt and see this alleged grace firsthand, I still maintain that the moose is the Gerald Ford of the deer family…