Many hunters outfit their dogs with neoprene dog vests for extra warmth, flotation and protection from the elements. That’s all well and good for upland or waterfowl, but let’s face it, neoprene just doesn’t cut it during those late-season Rebel Alliance hunts.

If you enjoy pursuing rebels with your canine partner and if you routinely hunt in extreme, Hoth-like conditions, leave the neoprene vest at home this year and instead clad your pooch in the new AT-AT dog vest.

That’s right, the new AT-AT dog vest comfortably entombs your dog in an impregnable armor coating that resists briars, sandburs, cockleburs, cactus, rattlesnakes, barbed-wire fences, cars, trucks, grizzly bears, blasters, ion cannons and rebel snowspeeders*.

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I’ve got one ordered for each of my dogs and as soon as the Oklahoma rebel season opens up later this year look for a full field report and review.

*Manufacturer makes no claim of vest resistance to the Force, lightsabers and/or harpoons…