Attention men: If your wife and/or girlfriend wants to come along on one of your fishing trips just so she can spend more time with you, don’t let her. Why? Because it is a virtual lead-pipe cinch of probability that they will always, always outfish you and make you look foolish, like this UK angler…


From this story in the UK Daily Mail:

_A woman who took up fishing to see more of her angling-mad boyfriend has become a record holder after catching a 215lb catfish. Alexa Turness, from Holland Park, West London, landed the giant while on holiday in Spain after battling to reel it in for half an hour. It was more than 1.5 times the 28-year-old’s weight and 8ft 4in long. It is the biggest freshwater fish caught by a British woman anywhere in the world and beats the previous record by a pound.
__Miss Turness easily outdid her boyfriend Kim Hamilton, who could only muster a fish weighing 189lbs during their trip on the River Segre in northern Spain. Miss Turness, an events director, said: ‘My boyfriend is really into fishing so when we got together seven or eight years ago I got into it too. It was a case of go fishing with him or don’t see him.’_

But here’s my favorite part…

_She added: ‘My boyfriend is quite gutted. We took it in turns on the rods, and this just happened to be my turn.’ After Miss Turness posed with her catch and returned it to the water, the couple celebrated her achievement with a glass of Spanish brandy on the river bank.

Mr. Hamilton, also 28, said: ‘It was Lex’s turn on the rod – just luck of the draw. ‘We were all going to sleep when suddenly we heard the line stripping from the spool and we knew it was going to be a monster. ‘We were all stood around Lex ready to catch her in case the fish pulled her in. Now I have to accept that my missus has caught a bigger one than me.’

And I’m sure his buddies will never, ever stop reminding of that fact…and if you want to see even more pictures of fantastically huge wels catfish, check out this F&S photo gallery._

We’re tracking down more photos of this monstrous cat and will keep you posted. -The Eds_