–Chad Love


A quiet morning in his tree stand turned into a Hogzilla death match for one Oklahoma bowhunter who needed every arrow he had to bring down a monster 800-pound hog.

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A Rush Springs man had quite a fright after he was confronted by a nearly 800-pound wild hog. It happened Monday morning when he was hunting on property west of Rush Springs.

_”We’d seen his tracks, but we’d never seen him,” Winston Brown said. “I was sitting up in my tree stand waiting on the sun to come up.” And that’s when he saw it. “It looked like a cow coming from the other end,” he said “It came up and the deer ran off.”

They knew what was coming, a 760-pound wild hog. Brown fired his crossbow. “The first arrow struck the shoulder plate,” he said. “He kind of grunted real loud and started popping his teeth. He turned and faced me. I think if I had been on the ground and he could have seen me, it would have probably been ugly.” Brown shot again._

The hog laid down, but it wasn’t over. Winston got down from his tree stand but broke a branch as he made his way to the hog, scaring the hog back up and putting Brown’s life in danger. He was down to his last arrow. “When he came around that tree I shot him through both lungs, and I was headed for