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Wisconsin state Republicans have introduced a bill designed to bolster hunter numbers in the state.

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Republican legislators have introduced a sweeping bill designed to encourage more people to go hunting, fishing and trapping. The bill would do everything from creating a sporting task force to recruit and keep enthusiasts to having high schools offer hunters safety courses for credit.

_Three Assembly Republicans announced the legislation at a news conference Wednesday. The bill is backed by a number of sporting groups who said their numbers are declining as the population ages, gets farther removed from hunting and fishing lands and simply has more options for hobbies.

“…The bill also calls for dramatically slashing hunting and trapping license fees for first-time applicants or applicants who haven’t participated in the sports for a decade. It also would allow applicants to name someone as a referral, qualifying that person for $20 discount on his or her license._

The measure would lower the minimum age for sturgeon spearing from 14 to 12, create adult-only hunter and trapper education courses, create a free ice-fishing weekend and establish a 15-member outdoor sports retention task force.

Thoughts? Anything similar in your state?