Here’s one from the “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades” files. A British angler on a fishing trip to the same area in Spain where Alexa Turness caught her world-record wels catfish came within one pound of landing his own world-record wels.


From this story in the (UK) Sun:

_Angler Kevin Midmore struggled for 45 minutes to reel in what he hoped was a world record catfish ˜ only to find it was 1lb too light. The fisherman, from Kent, needed the help of three pals to land the 16.5st whopper in Mequinenza, Spain. But when they stuck it on the scales it came in at 234lb ˜ just shy of the top weight. _

Unlucky Keving said: “I have come so close, now I want to go and beat it. “I have been fishing for 35 years and this is by far the biggest fish I have ever caught. “It is a shame not to beat it but I’m still so proud to have landed a monster fish like that.” Fishing holiday boss Kevin’s bid to catch the biggest fish has taken him around the world for the last ten years. He said he was especially proud of catching his latest fish as it was reeled in on a light rod. He added: “It was bigger than me. I put my head into its mouth to show how massive the thing was. “This was probably the biggest ever catfish landed on such light tackle and that is a great achievement for me.”