Wildlife Conservation photo

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is warning deer hunters in one part of the state to be on the lookout for a mountain lion roaming the area.

From this story on todaystmj4.com:_
A word of caution for hunters from the Department of Natural Resources. They say there’s a cougar on the loose. And they want everyone to keep their eyes open. This is the latest trail snapshot of a cougar roaming around Rusk-Taylor County line – east of Hawkins. Evidence deer hunters aren’t alone this hunting season. “Cougars you know are stalkers. They would size me up if they’re interested in taking me down,” Jim Fetters, a longtime hunter says. DNR officials say there are only 13 documented cougar attacks on humans in the last 100 years._

But, they are still putting out a word of caution. “If you were to see a cougar, stay in groups, make loud noise. Basically scare the animal off,” says DNR Wildlife Biologist Tim Lizotte. By looking at the photos, DNR officials guess this big cat is a young male. “Male probably because it’s traveling long distances. Our nearest breeding population of cougars is Black Hills of South Dakota,” says Lizotte. That’s about 600 miles away. The DNR says, he’s now been seen roaming west central and Northern Wisconsin.

So Wisconsin hunters, will you have your neck on a swivel this weekend, or is it kinda cool to share the woods with another large predator – as long as he doesn’t eat you?