I–like many of you–live in a rural area, and as such I’ve had my share of close calls with deer. But I have to admit I’ve never understood the old saying “Like a deer in the headlights,” because most of the deer I’ve seen hit by vehicles aren’t because said deer are “frozen” by the headlights, it’s because they’re trying to bolt across the road and aren’t quite fast enough.


Well, color me wrong, because this footage from a Michigan deputy’s dash-cam shows a young deer literally frozen in her tracks. How frozen? The deputy picked her up from the middle of the road.

From this story on Huff Post:

The expression “a deer in headlights” became a reality for one Michigan police officer this week. A scared deer stood frozen in the middle of a busy Michigan highway for 30 minutes until a sheriff took matters into his own hands, reports KVUE.

The policeman lifted the animal to safety by moving it to the side of the road, and then waited until it calmed down and ran away into the woods, notes CNN. The deer was thought to be in a state of shock from an earlier accident, explains 9 News.

Anyone ever see this happen?