Hunters in Colorado seem to be having a hard time telling their elk from their moose.

From this story in The Denver Post:

In the aftermath of the state’s 11th case of mistaken identity so far this hunting season, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is at its wits’ end. “A lot of people are shooting moose on elk licenses,” said CPW statewide information officer Randy Hampton. “It’s happening too frequently and it’s frustrating. People need to take some time and identify their target clearly. It’s the first rule of hunter safety: Know what you’re shooting at.”

While the vast majority of the state’s 300,000 annual big-game hunters go through the season without incident, more than a dozen didn’t in 2010. And despite increased educational efforts, the potential remains for even more moose to suffer from a similar lack of scruples this year. The latest incident occurred Oct. 22 near Silverthorne, where hikers reported an encounter with a hunter who told them he had shot a bull moose by mistake.

Come on, guys, don’t they teach this stuff in hunter safety? It’s very simple: Do not shoot large ungulates with palmated antlers and airborne rodent sidekicks. Geez…