When bird hunting in the Nevada desert, it’s always advisable to bring along a few of Federal’s new “Area 51” loads* in case you happen to flush something a little larger than a chukar.

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While hunting alone in a remote part of Western Nevada recently, Robert Pitzer bagged himself a UFO. In fact, there wasn’t much of a chase: The unidentified flying object touched down almost on top of him. Pitzer was lugging a 12-gauge shotgun across the hardscrabble Nevada landscape when he looked up to see a bizarre object descending slowly toward the ground.

_He got out his phone and snapped some photos, racking his brain to figure out what the object might be. “It looked different than anything I’ve ever seen, without a doubt,” Pitzer told ABC News 10 in his hometown of Auburn, Calif.

The strange object touched down near Pitzer “the only human being for miles” and bobbed up and down for a while in the wind . Pitzer tied it to a rock. “I still didn’t know quite what was going on,” he said. “But I figured it’s an experimental aircraft. That’s when I noticed the JP Aerospace sticker on it.” Pitzer called JP Aerospace, a spaceflight research organization, and learned that the flying object was a high altitude balloon platform meant to carry science experiments to the edge of space. The platform had been launched using helium balloons two hours prior from a starting point 50 miles away, but one of its balloons burst, causing the craft to slowly fall back to Earth. A camera on the balloon platform shot some footage of the bewildered hunter during its descent._

*Patent Pending…