Animal rights groups in New jersey are suing for the right to protest at check stations during New Jersey’s six-day bear season, which kicked off this morning.

From this story in the Wall Street Journal:

Animal-rights advocates will head to court to seek permission to stage daily protests during New Jersey’s six-day bear hunt, which gets under way Monday. Doris Lin, an attorney who represents the Animal Protection League of New Jersey and similar groups, said a state Department of Environmental Protection official had given them verbal approval to protest at the Franklin bear check station. But Ms. Lin said the DEP then formally denied the protest request late Friday afternoon, instead offering two alternative sites that the groups declined because they offered “much less visibility” than the check station. The activists also want to be at the station so they can document how many bears are killed.

Ms. Lin says the groups will ask a state appellate judge to overturn the DEP’s decision regarding the protest site, with a decision expected to come sometime Monday. A DEP spokesman wasn’t immediately available for comment Sunday afternoon. The groups’ legal bid comes just days after a state appellate court rejected their request to stop the hunt from taking place. They plan to take that case to the state Supreme Court in the hope that they can block another hunt from occurring next year. State officials have said the hunt is necessary to keep the state’s black bear population, now thought to number about 3,400, in check._

Thoughts? Reaction? As much as you may disagree with it, do you think protestors have the Constitutional right to protest, as long as they aren’t actively disrupting the hunt itself?