“Here’s one from the “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” files. A group of North Carolina anglers captured a close encounter with a giant great white shark.

From this story on CNN:

Matt Garrett of Boston, Massachusetts, and a group of friends decided to go fishing off the coast of North Carolina over the Thanksgiving weekend and things were going swimmingly. “It was our second time fishing. We went fishing the day before,” Garrett said, adding that he intended to enjoy a day of leisure.

_”I brought my golf clubs and fishing rods,” he said. But as they navigated about 25 miles off Wrightsville Beach, something fishy happened. “Everything was biting (at first), then all of a sudden nothing was biting at all. We knew something was up,” he said.

“Off in a distance we saw two big fins sticking up in the water. We thought it was a couple Atlantic Sunfish or two dolphins. As the two fins approached a little closer, we noticed it was a giant shark.” A great white shark. Garrett said, “It was all amazement, seeing such a large living creature. It also doesn’t seem real. It was very surreal!” The shark T-boned the boat, turned around and slapped the boat with its tail, Garrett said._

Here’s the question: You’re on a fishing trip. You’ve got an 18-foot great white shark circling the boat. Do you try to get it to bite, knowing full well it will utterly destroy your reel, just for the primal experience of feeling a fish that big–however briefly–on the end of your line? Or do you save your gear and just watch in awe?