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Are you a gadgeteer, an early adopter or a fan of the latest, the greatest, the coolest or the newly-improved? Does your garage resemble the bargain cave at a Cabela’s store?

Are you constantly buying, trying and then casting aside every new piece of gear or the latest super-duper, high-tech camo pattern that comes down the pike? Then maybe you could learn a thing or two from Bernard Baxter.

From this story in the (Iona County, Mich.) Sentinel-Standard:

Bernard Baxter, 85, has shot almost as many deer as the number of years he has been hunting. This year on Nov. 16, using his trusty Remington 16-gauge, three-shot automatic shotgun, he shot his 55th, a six point buck.

_However, he said he did not think it to be any kind of milestone. “I just figured it’s another one on my list,” said Baxter. A list is certainly something Baxter keeps handy. He has recorded a journal entry for every hunting expedition since his very first time in 1943. It includes who he hunted with, the date and time he began, the weather conditions of the day, whether he used a bow or shotgun, the weight of the deer, and more.

“I don’t know why started doing it, but I kept track every year,” Baxter said, adding he would like to remember each outing. In addition to the 68-year-old journal, Baxter continues to use the same red wool hunting suit he bought in 1943, which is in outstanding condition. “It’s good and warm,” he said, adding he also uses a knife of the same age to clean the deer. “As long as it’s workable, I keep it.”_

And there is your “Truer Words Were Never Spoken” Pearl of Wisdom for the day. “As long as it’s workable, I keep it.” I think a lot of us (myself included) could stand to repeat that to ourselves a little more often. In fact, I think Bernard Baxter should win some sort of “Keepin’ It Real” award. Of course, we all know a Bernard Baxter, don’t we? Who’s your Bernard? Your Dad? Granddad? Favorite uncle?