If you’re gonna go, might as well go in style, right? At least that’s the thinking behind a rather unique casket being auctioned off by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation…


From this press release on the RMEF site:
_A custom casket featuring hardwood inlay artwork of an elk and mountain scene, hand-forged elk antler handles and camouflage bedding is among many special items to be auctioned in Las Vegas, Feb. 2-4, 2012, to support the conservation work of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The auction will be held as part of RMEF’s 27th annual Elk Camp convention and expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Riviera Hotel. The handmade casket, built from maple with walnut trim, is being donated for the RMEF auction by BNG Finish Products of Etna, Calif.

Company rep Nik Branson says coffin making began as an experimental offshoot of his custom cabinet business, “but now we do commissioned pieces for families around the country, and the biggest response has been from people who enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing.” Caskets with outdoor scenes and themes are the most requested, he said. The coffins typically retail for $1,500 to $4,500.

Not that you’d be in a position to care one way or the other when the big day finally rolls around, but in what style of coffin would you like to be planted? This one, or maybe some other theme? That’s provided, of course, you haven’t already chosen to bid farewell to this mortal coil via shotgun shell.