A British survival enthusiast attempting to live off the land for a full year was recently found dead in Scotland.

From this story in the (UK) Daily Mail (hat tip to the Southern Rockies Nature Blog for the find):

A man found dead in a remote mountain hut was an adventurer who had planned a year-long Bear Grylls-style survival challenge in the Scottish wilderness. David Austin, 29, from Derby, was found dead in a ‘bothy’ by a track worker near Corrour, a remote railway station in Highland Perthshire, on December 31 at 9.50am. His body is believed to have been lying there for several weeks when it was discovered. A post-mortem found there were no suspicious circumstances behind his death, which is understood to have been as a result of hypothermia.

In November, Mr Austin had told his family he was heading north to live rough off the land – something for which survival expert Bear Grylls has become famous. He is believed to have attended several courses in outdoor survival and bushcraft skills over the past couple of years in order to realise his dream, despite being urged by family and friends to reconsider his plans. It is thought Mr Austin had not even taken a mobile phone with him, leaving him entirely at the mercy of the harsh winter. A number of personal possessions including a knife and a daily journal were found next to his body.

We all like to think we’re consummate outdoorsmen and that we’d survive where less experienced others wouldn’t, but are we really? Putting aside the question of whether this was a smart thing to do in the first place, do you think you’d fare any better in the same situation?