The hunting trip of a lifetime ended up as every hunter’s worst nightmare for four Mississippi hunters after all their gear was stolen on the way to the airport.

From this story on the website:

Jacob Baldwin of Canton and three friends went to Texas earlier this month on the trophy deer hunt of a lifetime. Baldwin killed a 150-class buck and a wild hog, and one of his partners got a good buck.

“It was a great get-away trip – good friends, good hunting, great service at the lodge and everything – right up until we were getting ready to fly home,” Baldwin said. “Then it went south in a hurry.” Five miles from the San Antonio airport, the group stopped at a restaurant for a final taste of the area’s local flavor before heading to the rental car return and a return flight to Jackson. By the time the last taco was eaten and the last swallow of cerveza taken, thieves had emptied their rental vehicle of everything.

“Four rifles, a laptop, three cameras and every stitch of expensive hunting clothes in there was gone, that quick,” Baldwin said. “They cleaned us out. All we had was what we were wearing and had in our pockets.” The group found out the hard way a lesson all traveling sportsmen should learn. We make good targets, since our gear includes stuff – guns, rod-n-reels and cameras – easily converted to cash, or in the case of guns, used for more sinister reasons…

“The officer in San Antonio told us that it’s getting fairly common out there for gangs to target sportsmen,” Baldwin said. “I don’t know how they profiled us, because we weren’t wearing camo, all our stuff was packed in the back of our (SUV) and it was hard to see in the tinted windows.

_”But, they did and they cleaned us out of about $8,000 or $9,000 worth of stuff.”
Has anything similar happened to you on a hunting trip?