Don’t look now, but the venerable L.L. Bean Maine hunting shoe, which has been a hunter favorite for decades, is suddenly–trendy.

From this story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

A nearly century-old hunting boot is catching on with a younger generation that sees the utilitarian footwear as hip. L.L Bean’s familiar duck boot with leather uppers and rubber soles – designed for slogging through mud and snow – has become something of a fashion statement owing to its newfound popularity on college campuses, the company said. Another reason is new styles, including something Leon Leonwood Bean surely never envisioned in 1912: bright blue and pink leather, new for spring.

Part of the success of the boot is its versatility, in barnyards or in cities, in snow or rain. At Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, Zina Huxley-Reicher of New York wears her dark brown, shearling-lined boots nearly every day, with a skirt or jeans. She has only one pair, but some classmates have several. “They are very practical, but they’ve also become a fashion trend,” she said. “They’re simple and kind of have that rugged look that has been adopted as a fashionable thing.”

Blue and pink leather? Is nothing sacred anymore? How many of you still wear the classic L.L. Bean shoe? Will you wear it out more, now that it’s hip?