by Chad Love


So what would your family do as the world is being vaporized by mutually assured thermonuclear destruction? Well, if you were lucky enough to be a proactive Popular Science subscriber in 1951, you’d probably be cozily hunkered down in your “family foxhole,” where you’d be blithely going about your business, cheerfully and wholesomely preparing for Armageddon as untold megatons of radioactive hellfire rained down from above. Because that’s just how make-believe families in the ’50s-era rolled… Cool stuff, sort of a “Leave It To Beaver” meets “On The Beach” mash-up …via BoingBoing.

What do you think would be the modern equivalent of the family foxhole? How would you build it, what would you put in it, and if you had to use it, would you be nearly as happy and nonchalant as the family on the cover? And just how good are those Russian guns?