We all know there are a ton of professional football and baseball players who love to hunt and fish, but what about the NBA? Are there any professional basketball players who are also avid hunters? There’s at least one, according to this story in USA Today:

Seven-footer Chris Kaman was acquired in the trade that sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers. Kaman, from Grand Rapids, Mich., with dual citizenship in Germany (he has grandparents from there), has the most NBA seniority on the Hornets’ roster and is the only All-Star (2009-10). He played in only 32 games last season and 31 in 2008-09 because of left foot injuries. Kaman talked to USA TODAY’s J. Michael Falgoust: During the lockout you spent a lot of time hunting and posting pictures.

_Hunting is something I really enjoy. It’s not for everybody. A lot of the guys give me a hard time about it. We have a lot of fun about it. I can relax, sit out there and have my time to reflect and enjoy myself. My dad used to take us when we were little and my brother has been a hunter in the last 15 years.

Did you hunt more this year? There’s no hunting during the NBA season because hunting season starts right when the NBA starts. I spent six days in Illinois at this deer camp. I had a great time there. In Michigan I’d go up for the weekends and my buddy’s in-laws have a place there. My parents have property, my sister has property, so I’m all over the place. What do you use when you hunt? When I’m hunting for white tail (deer) I use a bow. It’s not as much sport with a rifle up where I’m from. There’s so many hunters, the deer run in front of me, the next guy and the next guy, they don’t have a chance if we use a rifle. The bow makes it a little more challenging. You have to get a lot closer because shots are 25 to 35 yards. It’s more intense to be that close to the animal and not have him know I’m there, and then take my shot when I’m ready._

Do you know of any other NBA players who love hunting and/or fishing?