Apologies for the lack of blog posts last week, but I was attending the SHOT show in Las Vegas. I did manage to survive the experience, so look for a new gundog and wingshooting product web gallery soon. In the meantime, sad news from the world of canine centenarians: Uncle ChiChi has died. Who the hell is Uncle ChiChi, you ask? Hey, I didn’t know either, but he was absolutely, positively, perhaps, might have been, the oldest dog in the world.

From the New York Times:

_Uncle Chichi, a toy poodle whose unusual longevity led to fame and an appearance on “Good Morning America,” died on Tuesday after a yearlong battle with cancer. He was 26. Or 24. Or maybe 25. The imprecision over his age led to debate over whether Chichi, or the Cheech, as he was sometimes known, had been the world’s oldest living dog.

He was remarkably old; that much was agreed upon by veterinarians, his owners and the animal shelter in Charleston, S.C., that offered him for adoption more than two decades ago. But when his owners considered seeking a place for him in Guinness World Records in 2010, after he had had a brush with death, the proof required — like puppy photos and veterinarian records — turned out to have been lost to the ages.

Whether he was 26 or 25 or 24, the fact remains that Uncle ChiChi was an absolute canine Methuselah. Goodbye, Uncle ChiChi, we hardly knew ye…

What’s the oldest you’ve eve had a dog, gundog or otherwise, live? Anything even remotely close to the recently-departed Uncle ChiChi?