Here’s one that’s sure to elicit some interesting discussion: a Vermont teacher has been suspended without pay for six weeks after allowing one of his students to go home, grab his muzzleloader and shoot a deer during school hours.

From this story in the Burlington Free Press:
A St. Albans high school student bagged his deer, but his teacher has been suspended without pay until next month. The school district did not publicize the school-day incident a month ago or its decision to suspend the educator. “…St. Albans police said preliminary reports indicate a group of Northwest Tech students last month were at or near a building trades job site approved by the school when a deer was spotted. It was during muzzle loading season, which ran Dec. 3-11. One student, who lived nearby, was allowed to go to his home and bring back a firearm, Chief Gary Taylor said Monday. The deer was shot dead by the student, the chief said._

He said a photograph of the class with the dead deer was taken and later posted on Facebook. The chief said he did not know if a school vehicle was used to transport the deer. There were several safety concerns, including the fact the students were under the supervision of a teacher and the shooting happened at a building trades site, which is considered an extension of the schoolyard, Taylor said._

Your thoughts?