You have to love concerned citizens who always look out for kittens stuck in trees, little old ladies crossing the street and swans stuck in pond ice. Swans stuck in pond ice?

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British wildlife rescuers who were called out almost 30 times over four days to help free a swan from a frozen pond in southern England urged the public to stop contacting them – because the bird is simply resting. The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service received 27 reports of a “frozen swan” sitting for hours in the icy Pells Pond in Lewes and were obliged to visit the bird each time the alarm was raised. The charity’s founder, Trevor Weeks, thanked onlookers for their concern but said that the bird is actually keeping warm, The Brighton Argus reported.

“Every time we have attended, the swan has not been stuck,” he said. Most calls reported that the swan had a leg stuck in the ice, when it was actually tucked under its feathers to keep warm. In over 25 years of undertaking wildlife rescue work, I have never come across a swan properly stuck in ice. It very rarely happens,” he added.

Now I’m no swan, (literally or figuratively) but don’t you think a swan, or pretty much any animal, would be smart enough to realize if it were truly becoming a SwanPop? Have any of you ever seen a bird stuck in the ice? I mean in person (or swanson, duckson, whatever…) and not 27th-person heresay? The only animal I can think of dumb or clueless enough to possibly let themselves get trapped in a block of ice would be…us?