And in related great white news, maybe the South African inflatable boat shark fishermen wouldn’t have gone fishing had they known there were angry great whites in the area. Hey, wouldn’t it be handy to have an app for that?

From this story in the San Jose Mercury News:

If information is power, a new iPhone application that tracks white sharks could deliver a lot more fear or a lot more relief to surfers and other ocean users in Santa Cruz and along the coast in the coming months. In January, the San Diego County-based Marine Conservation Science Institute released its Expedition White Shark app, which tracks 12 tagged white sharks in their migration from places like Año Nuevo Point and the Farallon Islands to feeding areas hundreds of miles offshore.

Two of the white sharks were tagged in Northern California and the rest were tagged off Baja California, said marine biologist Michael Domeier, president of the institute. The app coincides with a National Geographic Channel documentary “Expedition Great White”, which aired last year. Despite the small sample size, Domeier said Santa Cruz ocean users might find the app useful in late summer to get an idea when the bulk of adult white sharks return. “You should not use the app to know where and when to go surfing,” said Domeier. “But you can use it to know when they’re in coastal waters and when they’re not.”