Trains aren’t generally what first come to mind when listing potential threats to hunters in the woods, but that’s exactly what happened this week to a New York state hunter who was tragically struck and killed by a train while rabbit hunting with a group of friends.

From this story in the Jamestown (NY) Post-Journal:

A hunter was killed by a train Tuesday morning in the town of Portland. The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office was called to East Forest Avenue at 9:20 a.m. after a train hit a person walking on the tracks. According to Sheriff Joseph Gerace, Giovanni Faso, 68, of 206 Heat St., Tonawanda, was hit by the train while hunting. The collision threw Faso almost 30 feet from the tracks. Gerace said five hunters from the Tonawanda area were rabbit hunting near the Norfolk and Southern train tracks at the time of the accident.

“Three of the five were off in the brush north of the tracks,” he said. “The victim and another hunter were along the tracks, closer to the tracks, as a train was approaching from the east.” Gerace said witnesses reported the train was blowing its warning whistle at the time. Faso was reportedly looking in some brush north of the tracks when he was hit. A friend also reportedly yelled at Faso several times to get further from the tracks, but Faso didn’t move. “The victim was standing near the tracks, and didn’t move, didn’t step off the tracks, and the train struck him and killed him,” Gerace said.

Has anyone ever had a close call with a train while out hunting?