Virginia Hunters Keep Ban on Sunday Hunting

_–Chad Love


Sorry, Virginia hunters. It looks like the “peace and quiet” crowd has come out on top in your state’s Sunday hunting debate.

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Rural Virginia will enjoy peace and quiet with respite from hunters for at least another year, after a House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources subcommittee voted to table three bills that would have repealed or rolled back the state’s current ban on Sunday hunting. A member of that subcommittee, 60th District House representative James Edmunds, said Thursday there was a “tremendous amount of opposition” to Sunday hunting.

“Three of the four house bills that came forward were taken off the table by the patron,” said Edmunds. “The only one that survived to even be heard by committee was one to allow Sunday hunting in Planning District 8 in Northern Virginia, but we felt that was still the camel’s nose under the tent.

“We killed that 7-0.” Edmunds, an avid hunter, has nonetheless stated his opposition to Sunday hunting “People in rural Virginia especially recognize [Sunday] as a day of peace, and hunters who hunt in that area didn’t want it,” Edmunds said. “It’s been up before us the past 15-16 years, and it’s died every year.” Virginia is one of 11 states that prohibit hunting on Sundays, and rural-based organizations such as Virginia Farm Bureau have stated their opposition to Sunday hunting.

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