If arachnids give you the willies, you might want to stop reading about now.


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After a week of record rain, floodwaters across eastern Australia have forced the ground-dwelling spiders–and at least 13,000 people–to flee their homes, according to Reuters. The rampant webs blanketing vast stretches of Wagga Wagga are likely “a dispersal mechanism that allows [spiders] to move out of places where they’d surely be drowned,” said Robert Matthews, a professor emeritus of entomology at the University of Georgia.

Producing large quantities of silk creates a sort of “vast trampoline” that supports the spiders as they’re fleeing the water, he noted. Matthews added he he has never seen such a “striking phenomenon.” “Gee, it’s impressive.”

Gee, it’s impressive? That’s all you’ve got? How about “Gee, it’s terrifying” or maybe “Gee, thanks, I’ll need therapy now!” If you were a child of the Seventies, that picture probably reminds you of the last scene of that cheesy, awful and wonderfully campy 1977 horror classic Kingdom of the Spiders. Anyone remember that?