Remember the Florida bear that recently bit a woman in the buttocks? Unfortunately for him, or her, as it turns out, the attack ultimately cost the bear its life.

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State wildlife officials captured and euthanized a bear Thursday that bit a woman at a Longwood apartment complex last week. Terri Gurley was walking her Akita-German shepherd mix at Camden Club apartments early in the morning on March 16 when she encountered the bear. Gurley first noticed the 300-pound black bear when she was at the community’s trash compactor. She stepped backward slowly but stumbled and fell toward the pavement. That’s when the bear seized toward Gurley, 57, who said she could feel the animal breathe on her. The bear bit Gurley, who suffered four puncture wounds on her buttocks.

The bear was spotted at the apartment complex’s dumpster again this week, and this time officials took no chances, darting the bear and then euthanizing it. The sow’s yearling cub was caught in a trap and was taken to a nearby wildlife sanctuary.
“The bear has lost all fear of people. She has bitten somebody. This behavior would not change,” (Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Joy) Hill said. “We can’t risk her hurting anybody else. We can’t release her because she would pick up the same behavior somewhere else.”_

Thoughts? Did the fish and wildlife department do the right thing?