The state of Connecticut has dropped plans to have a bear hunt lottery.

From this story in the Hartford Courant:

Connecticut’s bears have dodged a bullet — at least for now. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has dropped plans for a bear-hunt lottery — a way of deciding who gets to shoot a limited number of the animals. An early version of DEEP’s legislative proposal had language for how a bear-hunt-lottery would work, though it alone would not have allowed a hunt. The language was taken out before the legislative package made it to the General Assembly, getting only as far as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office and the Office of Policy and Management in January. “Our thinking was this issue needed further study about the bear population, growth trends and population patterns before we went to the legislature,” said DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain.

The state’s largest hunting group is frustrated by the decision, and an animal-rights group is relieved. “The trends are obvious, and there’s no place for the bears to go,” said Chris Marino, secretary of Northwest Connecticut Sportsmen Council, which represents 32 clubs with 7,000 sportsmen.

Any Connecticut hunters care to sound off on the decision? Think Connecticut will ever have a bear season?