It’s a somewhat embarrassing bit of personal trivia, and one I don’t often publicize, but the fact remains that at one time I was a reporter for (brace yourself) PEOPLE magazine. Yes, for six years I stalked celebrities, hid in bushes and chased limos. And in all that time, even as I had a kennel full of hunting dogs at home, I got exactly one assignment involving dogs, and none involving dogs that hunt or fish. I mean, it’s not like PEOPLE is full of those kinds of stories, right? Well…

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This photo has already been captioned. It reads, “His face every time I catch a fish.” If you’re looking at the gentleman holding his catch, you’re doing it wrong. Slowly let your eyes drift to the right, and a little down, and you’ll see a dog’s hungry, desperate desire for a little piece of bass._

Gabe Hedger, a bass fishing enthusiast from Illinois, posted this photo of his puggle, Shane, on Reddit this week, and it has already gotten over a million views. The first-time poster provided three other examples (pictured below) of how his dog Shane (middle name: Grumpers) makes that face as consistently as Hedger catches fish.


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Hedger writes that he and Shane travel everywhere together, and in the kayak on the water is one of their favorite places to be. The petite puggle stands on the back of Hedger’s kayak, and when the fish come up, his eyes come bulging out of his face. Shane has his own Facebook page, and in addition to fishing and begging for food, he enjoys “living the adventurous life.”_

Funny stuff. Anyone have a dog that has a unique reaction to a certain object, sound or situation?