Coyote? Wolf? Coydog? Woyote? Everyone else has an opinion on the monstrous, 82 lb. whatever-it-is that was recently shot in Canada. Might as well chime in with yours.

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The story of the 82-pound coyote not only has this province and the Internet buzzing, but wildlife watchers across the country are talking about it, too. Memorial University is doing the DNA testing on the brute, shot this week by Joe Fleming on the Bonavista Peninsula. The story garnered nearly 60,000 hits on The Telegram website and more than 180 comments by mid-afternoon Thursday._

Many are skeptical it is, in fact, a coyote because it looks wolf-like. Environment and Conservation Minister Terry French wondered  Wednesday if the creature could be a wolf that crossed on the ice from Labrador or, perhaps, a hybrid or the result of a coyote-dog crossbreeding. The DNA testing could have complications, but the mystery could be solved soon. Steve Carr of the biology department at MUN said how the testing proceeds and what further genetic investigation is required will depend on what’s found at each stage.