Is there any place on Earth immune from the Linsanity? A soothing day on the water perhaps? Uh, no. Linsanity’s been there.

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Jeremy Lin, Harvard graduate and NBA New York Knicks point guard has been taking the world by storm. He is no longer a bench warmer, Jeremy Lin is the hottest point guard in the NBA and making a real name for himself.

_’Linsanity’ has stirred the media into a feeding frenzy. In a recent interview he was asked what he had planned to do for the NBA All Star weekend break. He responded, “Spend time with my family and friends and go fishing”. And that’s what he did.

Jeremy and his family, which included his mother, siblings, cousin and best friends planned an exclusive inshore fishing trip with Captain Pete Flaherty, owner of Orlando Outdoor Adventures. Captain Pete is known for his_ ability to hunt down big Redfish on Florida’s Space Coast.

“Jeremy seemed to be looking forward to a relaxing afternoon out on the water with just his family and friends. So, I made every effort to keep his fishing adventure confidential. We just fished and had a great time. It was just like hanging out with my old buddies who I used to play basketball with. It was awesome!” said Captain Pete.

Where will Linsanity strike next? The deer blind? In the upland fields? On a driftboat? No one is safe…