You may recall a blog post earlier this year about a Kansas proposal to eliminate hunting and fishing license exemptions for seniors. Most of you didn’t much care for the idea. Now it appears the state is working on a compromise.

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A compromise may be in the works on a plan to start making older Kansans pay for hunting and fishing licenses. The annual licenses cost $20.50 each. Kansas adopted a license exemption for people 70 and older in 1937, then dropped the age to 65 in 1971. Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Secretary Robin Jennison says the exemption will cost his department more than $1 million in the coming years as the population ages.

He has proposed ending the exemption – an idea that lawmakers say is highly unpopular. But at a Senate committee hearing last week, Jennison said he’s open to alternatives, such as raising the age for free passes to 75 or creating a half-price license for senior citizens. Repealing the exemptions requires legislative action.

Do you think this might be a little more politically palatable, or is it more of a principle thing?