First it was an article in the New York Times now comes yet another story in a national newspaper about the decline of bobwhite quail, this time in Texas.

From this story in the Wall Street Journal:

Wild bobwhite quail are disappearing from West Texas, one of the last places in the U.S. where until recently they thrived, raising concerns about the future of the state’s traditional quail hunt. The ranchlands of Texas’ northwestern plains have long been considered one of the bird’s last bastions. But when an uptick in rain during the spring and summer of 2010 didn’t result as expected in many more birds than the year before, hunters began to fear that more than drought was harming the birds.

The article basically summarizes some of the initial findings of the research being conducted by the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in Texas, but the fact that the national non-sporting press is beginning to notice what outdoorsmen have known for years is perhaps the clearest sign yet of the increasingly precarious spot occupied by our most beloved gamebird.