If your goose hunting gear checklist includes any (or all) of the following: a crossbow, a switchblade, a ten-inch Rambo-looking knife, a boot knife, and of course, alcohol, then you may want to double check your state hunting regulations (and season dates), or you may end up like this guy.

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Police arrested a New Milford man on several weapons charges after a witness told police he was seen hunting geese with a crossbow near the Dorchester apartments. John Hall, 49, of New Milford was arrested yesterday by officers and charged with three counts of weapons possession, possession of a prohibited weapon and disorderly conduct. He was released on $20,000 bail, with 10 percent allowed.

New Milford Police Chief Frank Papapietro said officers were sent to the Dorchester apartments around 8:45 a.m. on Sunday, March 4, after a report was received that a man was seen hunting geese with a crossbow in the area of the apartment complex. Lt. John O’Malley and Officers John Moroney and Kevin Van Saders arrived in the area and saw a man carrying a yellow duffle bag.

The officers stopped the man, identified as Hall, and began speaking with him, police said. While conducting an interview, officers reported detecting an odor of alcohol on his breath, said Papapietro. “He was asked to place his duffle bag on the ground, at which time officers observed a large knife handle protruding from his waistband,” Papapietro said. At that time, police secured Hall and a search of his person led to the recovery of one 10-inch knife, one four-inch switchblade in his front pocket and a four-inch knife in his boot, the chief said. Officers also searched his duffle bag and found two mini-crossbows – one of which was loaded – and 60 six-inch arrows, said Papapietro.

Of course, they do things a little differently in Jersey, and this may be a completely normal hunting method for the Garden State–maybe some Jersey boys could shed some light on things…