A Panamanian fisherman was recently rescued after spending 28 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

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A teen has apparently survived 28 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean after going on a fishing trip with two friends, according to reports. Adrian Vasquez, who was rescued by the Ecuadorean navy on Sunday, said he stayed alive by drinking rainwater and eating raw fish, the BBC reported. Vasquez said neither of his friends survived, but that he had always held onto the hope he would be rescued. The 18-year-old was found drifting alone near the Galapagos Islands on his friends’ 10-foot fishing boat more than 600 miles from where they had set out.

He was first found by a commerical fishing vessel then handed over to Ecuador’s coast guard. The trio had been missing since February 24. The Associated Press reported the three were heading back to his home port of Rio Hato when the boat’s motor failed. Vasquez told the Ecuadorean navy crew he likely owed his survival to a sudden rainstorm that replenished his water supply.

The young Panamanian recounted his story to Hugo Espinosa, captain of the navy vessel, after being treated for malnutrition and severe dehydration. He recalled they had caught a lot of fish, and had a big jug of water.

Wow. Twenty-eight days alone in the Pacific. Think you could survive?