A South Carolina school principal’s collection of African game mounts has been removed from his office following an overwhelming deluge of… two complaints.

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An extensive collection of African animals that a school principal shot has been removed from his office. Summerville High School Principal Buddy Chapel confirmed Monday that he had moved the hunting trophies — a stuffed lioness, antelopes, wildebeests and other creatures — that filled every wall. The collection generated controversy after it was featured in a Jan. 19 story in The Post and Courier’s Your Lowcountry section.

_And two people wrote letters to the editor urging Dorchester District 2 leaders to demand the animals be removed. Pat Raynor, the district’s spokes- woman, said district leaders were aware that some parents didn’t like the display but didn’t want to take sides in the debate. “I’m sure they talked about it, but I’m not aware that there was any directive for him to remove them,” she said. Raynor said she had heard Chapel decided to move them because the controversy was becoming a distraction.

Chapel said Monday afternoon that he was in the middle of meeting with parents all day but would try to find time to talk more about the animals later. He could not be reached in the evening. In a previous interview, Chapel said he told students when he first came to the school last fall that if the animals offended them, he would meet with them elsewhere. He said students generally thought the collection was cool. “They have a great time,” he said. “It’s like a big zoo for them. It hasn’t freaked any kids out that I know about.”_

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