A Texas teen recently landed a giant, record-breaking fish on the state’s renowned Lake Fork, but it wasn’t a huge largemouth.

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They’re gonna need a bigger boat. At the Lake Fork Carp & Buffalo Challenge on February 29-March 3, 16-year-old Austin Anderson from Coppell caught a 50 pound, 6 ounce smallmouth buffalo in Lake Fork. The lake is about 80 miles east of Dallas and is known as one of the best fishing lakes in Texas. (It’s worth noting that an even bigger smallmouth buffalo, weighing in at 66 pounds, was also caught in the tournament, but it was caught by Bogdan Bucur in the adult round.) Anderson’s huge catch is an International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world record because of his young age, according to the Wood County Industrial Commission.

It’s Anderson’s first world record. The fish was released back to the lake alive after it was weighed. “When I landed the fish, I had no idea that it had any kind of record potential whatsoever, it just never dawned on me until Monday afternoon I got a call from [event coordinator] Jason Johonnesson confirming that it was indeed a record catch,” he said. “I still having a hard time believing that I actually broke the 50 pound mark. Just two weeks before, I broke a personal best on buffalo at 44 pounds, and here two weeks later it’s broken again. Crazy really.”