What do you call a deer on the loose in New York City: a Brooklyn Bambi, a Bronx buck, a masticating Manhattanite or maybe an Upper West Side ungulate?

From this story in the New York Post:
Yo, Bambi, welcome to New York! Two wayward deer bounded through an upper Manhattan housing project yesterday, romping across its courtyards and stunning its residents. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Marcus Bryant, 20, a ConEd worker who lives in the projects. The panicked animals even chased onlookers at the Marble Hill houses, at West 225th Street and Broadway._

Although part of Manhattan, the area sits just across the Spuyten Duyvil Creek from the rest of the borough. Cops shot one of the deer with a tranquilizer and moved it to Van Cortlandt Park. The other remained on the lam.

Seriously — a deer chased onlookers? What is it with New York already? Does the NYC attitude infect absolutely everything? You take a couple sweet, innocent little forest creatures, drop them in the middle of New York City and five minutes later — they’re like “you lookin’ at me?” and going all “Taxi Driver” on everyone in sight. Man, seems like a nice place to visit, but I sure wouldn’t want to live there.