_by Chad Love
Note to self: when you’re a controversial, high-profile, globe-trotting television celebrity hunter who’s already been busted once for an out-of-state hunting violation, you might want to read the fine print in those hunting regulations.

From this story on CNN:

Rocker and avid hunter Ted Nugent has agreed to pay a fine, serve probation and record a public service announcement as part of a deal to plead guilty to transporting an illegally killed black bear in Alaska, according to court documents. The plea deal, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Anchorage, Alaska, stems from federal allegations that arose during a bear hunt in May 2009 that was filmed for Nugent’s television show, “Spirit of the Wild,” on the Outdoor Channel… In the plea agreement, Nugent admitted to shooting and killing a bear using a bow and arrow during a hunt on Sukkwan Island in southeast Alaska, just days after he wounded another bear.

Alaska limits licensed hunters to the bagging of one bear per hunting season. Under the law, the wounding of a bear counts toward the season’s bag limit. “Nugent failed to locate and harvest the wounded bear,” the plea agreement said. Where the federal charge against Nugent — a misdemeanor count of violating the Lacey Act — comes in to play, according to court documents, is that he left the island by boat with the dead bear and “knew or should have known, in the exercise of due care, that the black bear was taken, possessed or transported in violation of a law or regulation of the United States.”

According to the story, Nugent will pay a $10,000 fine, be placed on two years of probation and will not be able to hunt or fish in Alaska or on US Forest Service land for a year. In addition, Nugent has agreed to film an apparently un-ironic public service announcement on the importance of knowing your hunting regulations.