If you see a white or piebald deer in Oklahoma this upcoming season, you no longer need a note from mommy to shoot it. OK, maybe you didn’t need a note from mommy before, but you did need written permission from the director of the state’s wildife department. Why? Who knows, but the rule is now gone.

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Oklahoma deer hunters no longer need permission from the state wildlife director before killing a white or piebald deer during the deer hunting seasons.Oklahoma lawmakers have repealed the prohibition against killing such deer without prior approval from the state wildlife director. House Bill 1314 was signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin last week and is effective immediately.

…Since 1998, Oklahoma hunters had been required to get permission from the state wildlife director before harvesting a white or piebald deer. Piebald deer are deer with large white patches. When a Guthrie hunter took a white buck in Logan County in 1997, it led to a legislative attempt to protect the animals…A bill was introduced to make it illegal for hunters to kill white deer in 1998, but what was passed was the regulation which has now been repealed.

Thoughts? Reaction? Anyone ever shoot a white or piebald deer?