Now this is what I call a hood (or in this case, grill) ornament. A British pheasant survived not only the initial impact with a car, but the ensuing 40-mile journey…

From this story on the thisisgloucestershire website:

Talk about a game bird – this pheasant survived a 40-mile ride stuck to the front grille of a car. The bird – nicknamed Silver – is now making a miraculous recovery at a Cotswolds wildlife rescue centre. Silver is now strutting his stuff and feasting on bird seed, crumbled fat balls and the delicacy of mealworms at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre near Cirencester. On Wednesday March 12 it looked as though Silver’s number was up when he was hit by a car near the A46 on the road coming out of Bath. The owner of the car didn’t stop, carrying on his journey to work in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Silver was wedged in the car grille and remained there until lunchtime when someone out having a cigarette break noticed the distressed bird.
Silver’s discomfort was soon alleviated by RSPCA inspector Rachel Hayward who rushed to the scene after a call was made to the charity. His fate was unknown at this stage as he was bleeding from the beak and could easily have sustained internal injury or broken bones. Rachel took the pheasant to the South Cotswolds wildlife rescue centre where he is flourishing against all the odds to the amazement and delight of staff. “We couldn’t be more thrilled about how well Silver is getting on,” said inspector Hayward. “He was quiet on arrival and after being checked over was given fluids and put in isolation to rest. Now he is much livelier and is eating very well with his favourite food being mealworms.” “Silver really has amazed us all. Apart from some bruising he sustained no major injuries and thanks to the special care he has received at Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue centre he is growing stronger by the day and will be released back to the wild very soon.”_

It remains to be seen how well Silver will be able to dodge one-ounce loads of #6s this fall…