Two Montana men may want to take up a new hobby (croquet, maybe?) after receiving lifetime hunting bans in their home state.

From this story in the Great Falls Tribune:

Two Montana men who hunted from a public highway and stalked game with a spotlight have been banned from hunting and fishing in the state for life. John Lindow of Craig must also pay $11,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to seven misdemeanor charges on Wednesday. Steve Bruyere of Stickney Creek pleaded guilty to eight misdemeanor charges and must pay $9,900 in restitution.

Prosecutors say jail time and fines were suspended in lieu of higher restitution amounts at their sentencing Wednesday. The men were arrested in February 2011 on 24 charges following a three-year investigation by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks that court documents say found evidence of hunting without proper licenses, using two-way radios, using spotlights, and hunting without landowner permission.

And seeing as how Montana is a signatory to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, it looks like this pair won’t be making many hunting travel plans, either. Thoughts? Reaction?