The state of Wisconsin is currently embroiled in a debate over sandhill crane hunting, but according to numbers released by the state department of natural resources, Wisconsin residents overwhelmingly support the idea.

From this story in the Green Bay Press-Gazette_:_

Outdoor lovers overwhelmingly endorsed the idea of hunting sandhill cranes, according to a tally state wildlife officials released Wednesday. The Wisconsin Conservation Congress asked everyone who attended its annual statewide spring hearings Monday whether they support a sandhill season. Attendees approved the idea by more than a 2-1 margin, according to a count the state Department of Natural Resources released Wednesday afternoon.

The vote promises to give conservative legislators more leverage as they advance legislation authorizing a hunt — and ratchet up an already bitter debate in a state that both prides itself on its hunting culture and serves as home to the International Crane Foundation, one of the world’s premier crane conservation organizations.

Thirteen states already have crane seasons, including several that have approved hunts in the past several years in response to growing crane populations. Wisconsin farmers and sportsmen are all for the proposed season, but much like the ever-smoldering mourning dove debate, opponents say there’s no good reason to hunt cranes. The arguments for and against are remarkably similar, except one is the “symbol of peace” and the other is a tasty Pterodactyl.

Thoughts? Think Wisconsin will ultimately have its crane season?