Two British anglers fishing on what appears to be a giant floating banana recently caught, tagged and released the largest shark ever taken in British waters — a 550-pound porbeagle that bested the old record by almost 50 pounds.

From this story in the UK Telegraph:

For an hour and a half, Wayne Comben and Graeme Pullen fought to catch the 10ft-long porbeagle shark in the sea off Boscastle, North Cornwall. A member of the man-eating Great White family, the powerful fish dragged their small boat, the Hi Sea Drifter, for a mile out to sea during the struggle, before exhaustion allowed Mr Comben to reel it in. Thought to be a female and possibly pregnant, experts calculate the shark weighed about 550lbs, or over 39 stone. That figure easily beats the 507lbs record for the previous biggest shark caught off the north Scottish coast in 1993.

Wow. Caught, tagged and then released. I’d say that deserves a cup of tea…