A Zimbabwean angler trying to rescue his fishing partner from a crocodile was attacked and killed by a second crocodile as he waded toward his friend.

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A Zimbabwean man was killed while trying to rescue his friend from attacking crocodiles in northwest Zimbabwe, a fishing club said Wednesday. The National Anglers’ Union said that Frank Trott, aged in his 70s, died after trying to rescue a friend paddling along the shoreline at Charara fishing camp. His friend survived but sustained wounds to his midsection and buttocks. The dead man was dragged away by a giant crocodile after going to assist his friend, said Mike Brennan, head of the fishing group. The friend, aged in his 40s and a fellow farmer with experience in the African wilderness, was treated for his wounds.

According to the story, the two anglers had spent the day fishing Lake Kariba, a 180-mile long man-made lake popular with anglers and tourists, but had returned to the club’s fishing camp for dinner and drinks. That evening Trott’s friend was wading along the shoreline when he was attacked by a crocodile. When Trott ran to his aid, a second crocodile resting in some nearby grass slid into the water and attacked Trott.

I gotta admit, that’s scary. I’d still jump at the chance to fish Africa, in a heartbeat. But there’s no way I’d be doing it in anything but a boat. A big, sturdy, stable, hopefully crocodile-resistant boat. How about you?