–Chad Love
A British angler on vacation in France recently hauled in the largest carp ever caught by a woman, a massive 84 lb. fish dubbed “The Brown Fish” by locals.

From this story in the UK Sun:
_The British fishing fan snared the gigantic beast while on holiday in France with husband Mike. The carp weighed almost as much as Jo herself at a whopping 84lbs. Jo, 36, and husband Mike, 45, were sleeping in their tent when they were woken at 4am by an alarm attached to a rod. Landscape gardener Jo, from Reading, Berks, rushed to the bank and battled with the fish — finally reeling it in after an epic 45 minute fight.

_Her catch broke the world record for the biggest carp caught by a woman by an impressive 12lbs. And it dwarfed Mike’s personal best of 62lbs — netted on the same trip. Jo released the giant carp — known by locals as the Brown Fish — back into the lake before toasting her success with a cup of tea.
A few thoughts here. One, you’d think that a people as culturally and artistically creative as the French would have thought up something a little more interesting or dramatic than “The Brown Fish.” Besides being dull and nondescript, when I hear “brown fish” it makes me think of “finless brown.” And for sure no one wants that record. Two, British female anglers seem to make a habit of making their angling boyfriends look weak, foolish and incompetent. So take note, guys: Don’t go fishing with any British babes. Third, I really wish we had some ubiquitous, instantly identifiable, uniquely American tradition like the British do with their “cup of tea” after pretty much everything. Any suggestions on that? And no, slamming a Monster or Red Bull doesn’t count.