Coyote Hunting photo

There are some advantages to being a really lousy turkey caller. Granted, you might not ever call in a tom, but at least you also probably won’t get attacked by a fooled and hungry coyote…

From this story in the Maine Sun Journal:

Opening day of turkey season turned out to be a bit more than Bill Robinson had in mind Monday when he set out his decoy at dawn’s first light. “I’ll never forget looking up and seeing a jaw full of teeth coming at me,” Robinson said Tuesday, the day after being attacked and bitten on the right arm by a coyote. The wild canine sprang while the Maine Guide was hunkered down in the brush, using a mouth-call to lure a turkey into the open while hunting on private property near the Washington County community of Cooper.

According to the story, the case of mistaken identity occurred a few minutes after dawn when Robinson set up his decoy in a field and then hunkered on one side of a thick spruce tree and started calling. The coyote came in from the other side of the tree and then pounced at the sound of Robinson’s calling, biting down through four layers of clothing and leaving a nasty bite. Robinson took a couple shots at the coyote as it ran off, but the range was too great to kill it. Robinson later had to endure precautionary rabies shots, but told the Maine Sun Journal he doesn’t blame the coyote.

“I walked into that hospital with one sore arm and left with two,” he said Tuesday. “But I don’t blame the coyote. It was doing what coyotes do, hunting. My guess is that coyote was perfectly healthy and was not rabid. He was big, probably 50 pounds. I’m just glad it didn’t grab my neck.”

Anything similar ever happen to you? What’s the most interesting, frightening or bizarre thing you ever called in while turkey hunting?